ASUS P4T533 i850E Motherboard Review i850E Armed with 32

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The ASUS P4T533 i850E Motherboard Review
i850E Armed with 32-bit RIMM 4200

By -Chris Angelini and Dave Altavilla
June 17th, 2002

Benchmarks and Comparisons Continued...
Synthetics and Games

PC Mark 2002

PC Mark 2002 largely confirms our previous findings.  The performance of PC1066 is superior to PC800 and is followed by PC2700 and finally, PC2100.  All of Intel?s chipsets score equally in disk performance, but the SiS 645 is beaten severely, even with the latest IDE drivers.

3D Mark 2001 SE

Compared to SysMark 2002, where the P4T533 narrowly took first, 3D Mark 2001 SE narrowly favors the PC1066-equipped P4T-E.  The only change in order comes toward the back of the pack, as memory performance puts the SiS 645 ahead of the i845G chipset.  Then again, 3D Mark 2001 SE doesn?t apply much stress on the I/O subsystem.

Quake III: Arena

Sure, it?s an older benchmark, but Quake III provides very reliable results and exemplifies the bandwidth dependence of the Pentium 4.  Not surprisingly, the RIMM 4200 and PC1066 platforms perform comparably.  What is surprising, though, is that the PC800, PC2100, and PC2700 systems all score within one frame per second of each other.

Serious Sam SE

For the last time, the two PC1066 machines take first place finishes.  ASUS' P4T-E takes third with PC800 memory and the two DDR systems take fourth and fifth place. 

The P4T533 is the first motherboard we have seen from ASUS that incorporates the benefits of RDRAM along with features like IDE RAID and NEC's USB 2.0 controller.  On top of that, the board delivers performance currently unrivaled by any other platform.  Rambus' new 32-bit RIMM 4200 technology makes it easy to upgrade at a later date, should you decide the included 512MB is not sufficient.  Of course, we'd like to see RIMM 4200 modules widely available, but it seems the demand will dictate the level of supply.

ASUS forecasts a price of more than $300 for the P4T533.  Seeing as the board does include a 512MB RIMM 4200 module, the price is very reasonable, considering PC1066 is currently expensive.  We all know that the price of performance is steep, so expect to pay for the extra memory bandwidth exposed by the latest RAM technology.   ASUS has stepped out onto a limb as the first to adopt 32-bit RDRAM and we'd like to see the technology succeed, not only because it is blisteringly fast, but also because the ongoing battle between RDRAM and DDR SDRAM results in lower prices and an increasing number of options for the end user, you.  Availability currently suffers, but expect to see the P4T533 widely available in a couple of weeks.  Performance and innovation earn ASUS? P4T533 a solid ?9? on the HotHardware Meter.  Despite a lofty price tag, die-hard enthusiasts will actually save money thanks to the included 512MB RIMM 4200 module, so we?d also like to award the product an Editor?s Choice designation.


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