Asus P4T Pentium 4 i850 Motherboard

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Ample configuration options in the BIOS can be utilized for setting up you CPU and RAMBUS memory.  There is even a RAMBUS clock multiplier setting, giving you the ability to multiply the front side bus by 3 or 4.  Depending on which FSB you choose, you can also run the RAMBUS clock out of spec, over-clocking or under-clocking it for that matter.  Either way, this option gives you more flexibility when choosing which FSB to set since you can relax the DRAM clock if need be.

Speaking of over-clocking, things stacked up nicely here for the Asus P4T.

Asus P4T Pentium 4 i850 Motherboard
Beyond Intel's Reference Design

By Dave Altavilla

Asus P4T Installation & Setup
Simplicity and stability

Surprisingly, moving to a new processor architecture this time around doesn't mean you'll pulling your hair out over bugs, compatibility or instability.  In fact, of the three motherboards we have tested thus far, none have exhibited anything but rock solid performance.  The Asus P4T was a pleasure to work with and fairly easy to configure as well.

BIOS CPU and RAM Options

BIOS FSB Options

CPU Voltage Adjustments


Overclocking The Pentium 4 On The Asus P4T
So much fun, we decided to give it an article all its own.

The P4T offers the types of features in this department, that the Intel reference D850GB motherboard lacked so desperately.  With a fair amount of FSB selections (we would have liked a few more however) and CPU Voltage adjustments, the P4T is built for speed. 

Stability under pressure is what this board is all about.  This speed was achieved with excellent stability.  For more details in this area of performance with the P4T, please check our "Pentium 4 Adventures In Overclocking" article where we look in depth at the P4 and P4T Motherboard performance with respect to over-clocking.  

**It should also be noted that we targeted the highest clock speed possible here and were able to do so with the help of our "unlocked" engineering sample P4 chip at 13X133MHz. FSB.   The stock multiplier setting for the P4 1.5GHz. is 15X and we achieved 1725MHz. with that setup at 115MHz. Front Side Bus speed. 


Benchmarks and The Rating


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