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Performance Summary: The MS238H did well in throughout testing and we had very few gripes. We found the touch sensitive buttons to be some of the most responsive we've ever used. We still not big fans of them, but the buttons on this display registered most of our touches on the first try. Next, Everest testing went smoothly as the monitor produced letters, colors, and shapes with clarity and continuity. Our video playback and gaming tests provided excellent images, without any noticeable motion blur. Lastly, we are excited to find that LED backlighting has improved on the poor viewing angle performance you tend to run into with most TN panels.  


At $200, the asking price of this product is very competitive with other 23" LCD displays. The difference here is an attractive feature set the MS238H brings to the table, which sets it apart from the crowd. While there are dozens of options available to consumers, Asus offers this monitor with a super slim profile and excellent performance. Still, competition at this display size is intense and prices vary wildly, from $170 to almost $300 on the high end. Keeping this in mind, the MS238H is an affordable choice among the other options available on the market.

The MS238H targets the mainstream market and offers a different experience to consumers. Throughout our analysis, we have been impressed with the display though it's not perfect of course. In a perfect world, Asus would have provided VESA mount compatibility and design a stand that offers a larger range of motion, preferably one that supports a position of 90 degrees. Also, we wish the monitor would offer more connectivity options. Yes, it includes an HDMI to DVI cable, but adding a DisplayPort connection would make it that much more versatile. Overall, we were pleased with the features the MS238H offers and think the price is right for this panel. For those in the market for a new LCD monitor, we recommend taking a look at the Designo MS238H from Asus.



  • Reasonably Priced
  • Bright, vivid colors
  • Slim, LED Backlit Design
  • Fast 2ms response time
  • No Support for VESA mounts
  • Limited Tilt Adjustments
  • Only two connection ports

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