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During September 2009, Asus launched the ultra slim Designo MS Series LCD monitors. Their goal was to provide a combination of style and high image quality, in the consumer space. In case you were wondering, the design concept behind the Designo Series is inspired by the binary state. This consists of the numbers 1 and 0, with straight lines and circles providing inspiration. 

We have to admit, the MS238H looks fantastic in person. Its glossy, black bezel is littered with blue metallic flakes if you look closely enough. We can imagine this display in both a home and work environment with no objections. The MS238H could easily pass for a more expensive product due to its good looks. But we should note that the glossy bezel attracts dust rather easily so it requires a good wipe down from time to time. 

This monitor is not compliant with the VESA mounting interface standard. In other words, you can not use an aftermarket stand or mount with the MS238H, unless you go into MacGyver mode and concoct a way to do so. But we don't look at this omission as deal breaker, just something worth noting for those who may want VESA mount compatibility. 


In addition to being an LED backlit monitor, the MS238H features a unique, ring shaped stand that props the monitor up at an angle. Instructions on how to install the ring were drawn on the packaging, much like the directions you would find with IKEA furniture. They consisted of a few simple diagrams with no words. According the the pictures, installation of the ring requires you to remove a cover from the monitor. But after several minutes of attempting delicate removal, we ended up using brute force to pull the cap away from the display. With the cover finally off, we screwed in the ring and were able to place the MS238H on a desk.

The design of the ring stand creates an optimal viewing angle issue. In general, the monitor tilts back about five to ten degrees. Depending on your position in respect to the display, this limitation may not provide the most comfortable experience.

DC Power, Kensington Lock, HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm Audio Port

As for connectivity, the MS238H only provides two options - HDMI or VGA. In addition to these video inputs, a 3.5mm earphone jack is offered for those who want audio capability to go along with their new monitor. Note that the audio out port will only work if a compatible HDMI signal is going into the monitor.

The monitor also features a Kensington Security Slot, part of the anti-theft system found on almost all portable PC and electronic components, especially laptops. You will need to purchase a separate Kensington lock to make use of this feature, but once you do, it will be a bit more difficult for someone to walk off with your monitor. Just keep in mind this feature is merely a deterrent as these locks are relatively small and can be broken with minimal effort.

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