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Subjective Analysis

Test patterns like those offered by Everest can be extremely useful for diagnostics and gauging a monitor's performance. This is especially useful to people who need their monitor to be perfectly calibrated for design work and photography. However, the MS238H is a widescreen monitor with a 6-bit panel and consumers won't necessarily purchase it exclusively for work. We'll conduct some real world tests with high definition video content next, and give you and idea of how well the monitor stands up to the sort of content it was designed to handle.

Subjective Tests
HD Movie Playback and Gaming

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

To conduct our subjective analysis, we took on the demanding task of watching hours of video on the MS238H. To be as thorough as possible, our testing consisted of Blu-ray, DVD, and HD home movies. In this aspect, the monitor performed well, colors looked vivid and blurring was kept to a minimum during fast action scenes. Above all, Blu-ray movies looked spectacular on the MS238H. Our biggest gripe is the with the monitor's black performance. Video looked a little washed-out in several dark scenes that we watched and was noticeable throughout all formats, especially HD content. However, we are nitpicking here, as the overall quality of video was excellent, though black reproduction performance has some room for improvement. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Of course, we did not restrict our testing to videos. Gaming is another aspect we looked at, so we ran a handful of the latest titles available. Specifically, we wanted to see how the MS238H performed during fast paced graphics rendering with a variety of scenes, focusing on motion blur and image quality. After several days of testing, we'd give the monitor's gaming performance a thumbs up and we did not observe any issues with ghosting or motion blur. Its clear the monitor's 2 ms response time works well in this usage scenario and we have no complaints in this respect.

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