Asus G51VX-RX05 Gaming Notebook Review

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Performance Summary: The Asus G51VX notebook turned in excellent scores throughout our testing. In Futuremark's PCMark Vantage benchmark, it beat out MSI's more expensive GT627 gaming notebook (3821 vs 3753) which sports a faster CPU. In addition, the G51VX performed admirably int he 3DMark benchmarks, again beating the the MSI GT627 (8460 vs 8197) in 3DMark06. After loading up the graphically demanding first person shooter, FarCry2, and cranking up all available settings, we witnessed playable frame rates that should satisfy the vast majority of gamers' needs.

A quick look at mobile gaming machines in the $1000 price range reveals very little competition. We find notebooks with slower 9800M and 9600M graphics solutions that can't keep up with the GTX 260M found on the G51VX. Moreover, looking for laptops with the GTX 260M reveals options that cost $300-$600 more than our review product. How did Asus do it? Looking at the G51VX's specifications reveals that this model uses a 2.0GHz dual-core CPU which is a bit slower but more affordable than the processors used by the competition. Needless to say, Asus has configured a well balanced machine that is a winner at its price point.

With a high level look at the G51VX, it is easy to be impressed with the notebook's combination of performance and affordability. Asus has produced a unique mid-range laptop with high-end gaming capability. It comes with a modern design that is aggressive and appealing. The lighted logo and backlit keyboard makes sure that onlookers know that this is machine is made for more than just e-mail and internet surfing. Given the system configuration's price of $1049, we think the G51VX represents one of the best values in gaming notebooks currently on the market. 

  • Excellent value
  • GeForce GTX 260M Graphics
  • Great Looking LCD
  • 4GB of memory


  • Short Battery Life
  • Very Basic User's Manual


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