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Doom 3
id Software's games have long been pushing the limits of 3D graphics.  Quake, Quake 2, and Quake 3 were all instrumental in the success of 3D accelerators on the PC.  Now, years later, with every new computer shipping with some sort of 3D acceleration, id is at it again with the release of the visually stunning Doom 3.  Doom 3 is an OpenGL game that uses extremely high-detailed textures and a ton of dynamic lighting and shadows.  We ran this benchmark using custom demos with Doom 3 set to its "High-Quality" mode, at resolutions of 1,024 x 768 and 1,600 x 1,200 without any AA and then with 4X antialiasing and 8X anisotropic filtering enabled.  Note: Doom 3 enables 8X anisotropic filtering automatically when set to "High Quality" in the game's control panel.


Because performance in Doom 3 is thoroughly GPU-bound when running in "High-Quality" mode with today's assortment of video cards, enabling SLI with a pair of GeForces has a major affect on framerates in this game.  As you can see, a single 6600 GT performs well in Doom 3, but a pair is obviously much better.  In our custom single-player Doom 3 benchmark, enabling SLI with a pair of 6600 GTs increases performance by a minimum of 57% and maximum of nearly 91%.  And the 6600 GT SLI configuration is easily able to outpace a single-GeForce 6800 GT and the Radeon X800 XL.

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