Asus Extreme N6600GT x 2 - Revisiting SLI

The Card: Asus Extreme N6600GT

Asus didn't stray too far from NVIDIA's PCI Express GeForce 6600 GT reference design, but there are some notable differences that set the Extreme N6600GT apart from other plain-vanilla GeForce 6600 GTs in its class...

Asus Extreme N6600GT - PCI Express
A Reference Card Gets a Makeover




The Asus Extreme N6600GT is equipped with an 8-pipe GeForce 6600 GT GPU clocked at 500MHz and 128MB of GDDR3 Samsung RAM (K4J55323QF-GC20), clocked at 1GHz (500MHz DDR).  These specifications match NVIDIA's reference design exactly, but unlike many other GeForce 6600 GTs, the Asus Extreme N6600GT is outfitted with a custom copper GPU cooler, and heatsinks over all of the RAM chips; which reside only on one side of the board. NVIDIA's reference design calls for a similarly-shaped aluminum cooler, but doesn't have any additional heatsinks on the RAM. Asus also uses a dark blue PCB with the N6600GT, which further distinguishes this card from its competition.

Other than what we've already mentioned though, the Asus Extreme N6600GT doesn't differ much from other GeForce 6600 GT cards.  The N6600 has the same overall board / component layout, the SLI connector is in the same location, and the card doesn't require any supplemental power.  The 75w offered up by a standard PCI Express x16 slot is adequate. The external plate is home to a single DB15 analog monitor output, a single DVI output, and an S-Video / TV-out connector. Any two of these outputs can be used concurrently to drive independent displays.

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