ASUS Extreme AX600XT vs. MSI PCX 5750: Budget PCI-Express

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Performance Comparisons with Splinter Cell


Performance Comparisons with Splinter Cell
Stealthy Combat

Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell's version 1.2 patch includes three prerecorded demos and incorporates a previously unavailable benchmarking tool. The demos included with the patch are somewhat limited by CPU performance, however, so we opted for the Oil Rig demo created by the folks at Beyond 3D to test with this game.  Shaders are used to render realistic-looking ocean water surrounding an Oil Rig in the demo, as well as simulating a night vision effect for a brief period. Also note that anti-aliasing doesn't work with Splinter Cell. Due to this fact, we do not have any AA scores listed in the graphs below.

Splinter Cell was the X600XT's game, topping the GeForce PCX 5750 by nearly double at both resolutions.  Being a game that relies heavily on shaders for its water and night vision effects, the X600XT offered the best overall performance, benefiting nicely from its higher overall clock speeds.

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