ASUS Extreme AX600XT vs. MSI PCX 5750: Budget PCI-Express

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Benchmarks & Comparisons With Doom 3 (Continued)

Benchmarks &Comparisons With Doom 3 (Continued)
OpenGL Doom & Gloom

Doom 3 Single-Player is only half of the Doom 3 experience.  Although it leaves users wanting more, Doom 3 Multiplayer is a fast-paced shoot'em-up that does prove to be a challenge, if not crowded at times.  Let's see how the multiplayer tests turned out.

Relatively speaking, the results were much closer than previous tests.  The X600XT model managed to hold a minor lead throughout most of the testing, with the PCX 5750 managing to win one with 4XAA/8X Aniso at 1,024 x 768.  Again, with a little in-game image quality tweaking, these frame rates should be improved, but you will miss out on some of the game's awesome graphics.

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