Asus EeeTop PC ET2002 Review

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Benchmarks (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars)

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
OpenGL Gaming Performance

Enemy Territory:
Quake Wars

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is Based on an enhanced version of id's Doom 3 engine and viewed by many as Battlefield 2 meets the Strogg, and then some. ET: Quake Wars also marks the introduction of John Carmack's "Megatexture" technology that employs large environment and terrain textures that cover vast areas of maps without the need to repeat and tile many smaller textures. The beauty of megatexture technology is that each unit only takes up a maximum of 8MB of frame buffer memory. Add to that HDR-like bloom lighting and leading edge shadowing effects and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars looks great, plays well and works high end graphics cards vigorously.

The Asus Eee Top ET2002 finishes just behind the Atom 330 and Zotac Ion platforms but ahead of the others. You can definitely see a difference in the single-core Aspire Revo and the dual-core ET2002 in the scores.

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