Asus Eee Pad Slider Honeycomb Tablet Review

Performance Benchmarks

Quadrant Android Benchmark

The first two tests presented here are general purpose computing type benchmarks.

CPU testing
Android CPU testing

Some mixed bag scores here; the Eee Pad Slider was right up there with its peers on the Linpack score, but hovering on the lower end of the spectrum in the single-threaded test. Note, we've also included the multi-threaded score which is much better.

We mentioned earlier that the browsing speed was superb, and Google made strides to improve that in Android 3.2. The SunSpider test shows that it wasn't just our impression here; browsing the web on this slate is indeed a brisk experience.


Graphics testing
Android graphics testing

An3DBench is a benchmarking tool based on an Android port of the jPCT 3D engine.  The app runs 7 tests in total that look at graphics processor fill rate and complex rendering workloads and scenes.  We were also able to run some tests with An3DBenchXL, which is a newer version of the app that is significantly more demanding.

Here, we see the Eee Pad Transformer and the Slider are nearly neck-and-neck on these tests, and it shouldn't really come as a surprise. We had no issues with taxing graphical apps, nor playing HD content, and it's clear that the Tegra 2 within is optimized for situations like this. The strong result for the Slider in the Magic Island test hints at further driver optimization with this new tablet.

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