Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook Evaluation

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All things considered, we think the Asus Eee PC 1000HE is a surefire top-seller at just under $400. Windows XP Home runs perfectly smooth in everyday scenarios, and even when pushed, this machine responded admirably. Of course, you should realize that the 1000HE, like any netbook, has its limitations. However, so long as you don't expect to play back 1080p movie trailers or fire up Crysis, you should be pleasantly surprised.

We don't see the need for current Eee PC owners to upgrade, but for consumers just now looking to buy a netbook, this is a great option. The near-full size keyboard is a boon for those who spend a large amount of time typing, and the amazing battery is beneficial to anyone who stays far, far away from AC outlets. And unlike some netbooks, which are attempting to push the price barrier higher with "luxury" features, Asus keeps the asking price on this machine at a reasonable level. If you've never used a netbook before, we'd still highly recommend finding one and using it for an hour or so (if possible) before biting the bullet. Some will simply find the screen too small for extended use, or the keyboard too cramped to type on comfortably. Mind you, this isn't a fault of the 1000HE -- it's the nature of the proverbial beast. If you're confident your next laptop should be a netbook, you'll be hard pressed to find an argument against the 1000HE.

Let's put it this way, if someone had $400 or so today that they were looking to invest in a netbook, we can't think of recommending anything other than the 1000HE currently. It simply outdoes the rest of the machines in its price range, in terms of performance, usability and battery life.  We're giving it an Editor's Choice award without hesitation.


  • Good Value (Under $400)
  • Nicer "Chiclet" Style Keyboard
  • Roomy 160GB Hard Drive
  • Faster Atom N280 CPU
  • Excellent Multi-Touch Trackpad
  • Needs a chipset upgrade
  • Glossy Display Bezel and Casing
  • Still No "Full Size" Keyboard
  • Still A Bit Bulky

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