Radeon X1950XTX Power

A the heart of the EAX1950CROSSFIRE/HP/512M is a Radeon X1950XTX GPU, which is manufactured at 90nm, and sports 48 Pixel Shaders that support Shader Model 3.0. The GPU also features 8 Vertex shaders as well as 16 Texture Units.  The GPU comes clocked at 650MHz and is backed by 512MB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 1GHz (2GHz DDR) with a 256-bit interface.


The rear of the PCI Express x16 card is equipped with a 6 pin PCI Express power head for supplemental power.  As this is a Crossfire Master card, the front edge of the EAX1950CROSSFIRE/HP/512M comes with one DVI port and a CrossFire connection to be used with the dongle included in the package.  The maximum rated resolution is 2048x1536 with support for HDCP as well as HDTV output via a DVI to YPrPb adapter. 

Keeping the card cool is an oversized two slot cooler that is copper based with a blower type fan that accesses air directly off the rear of the case for the best possible air flow across the card.  The heat sink spans the GPU and memory to help cool all components on the card. 

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