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Performance Summary: Obviously, the benchmarks paint a very different picture for these two cards. The EN7600GT, for the most part, held its own in the benchmarks. Its performance was more along the lines of the much newer Radeon X1650 XT from ATI. The EAX1600PRO, on the other hand, had a tough time with many of the games we used for testing, sometimes dropping as low as single digit frame rates. 

ASUS EAX1600PRO/I/256M/A - Asus' EAX1600PRO really didn't put up very impressive benchmark scores, although overclocking sure helped out in this department. In all fairness though, the card isn't designed for high framerates. The card is well suited for use in an HTPC or other Media Center box, where quiet operation, cooler temperatures, and High Definition output are key. The only thing really lacking here is the addition of a true HDMI cable, rather than the conversion from HDMI to DVI, for connecting it to an HD-TV or HMDI-equipped monitor without the extra cost.

.  Half-height conversion kit
.  Great addition to a HTPC
.  Overclocks well
.  Low in-game performance
.  No HDMI cable in package


ASUS EN7600GT/HTDI/256M/A - At about $200, the EN7600GT/HTDI is a bit pricier than non-HDMI equipped 7600GTs, including Asus' own EN7600GT Silent. Although, the price has come down rapidly over the last few months. While the performance of this card was relatively good, we caution prospective buyers to sure this card is a good fit for their usage model. Gamers should probably look for something a little more powerful as they could easily pick up a much more capable card, such as the Asus EN7950GT, at a similar price. Media Center builders should be on the lookout as well, because some slim-line cases require half height cards, and they might be put off by the noisier fan as well.

.  Good performance
.  SLI Support
.  Cables for all connections
.  Louder than we expected
.  Priced higher than other 7600 GTs
.  Might not be the best fit for an HTPC

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