Asus 14" U43F Bamboo Core i5 Notebook Review

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Battery Performance

In the past, we've had some ups and downs with regard to Asus battery life claims. It's a simple fact of life that most battery life claims are far more optimistic than what you'll see in real life. However, the claims on the U43F are fairly consistent with what we saw in testing. As a Core i5-based machine, we did expect the greatest longevity, but thanks to those integrated graphics (as opposed to power-sucking discrete graphics), this 14" notebook lasted a fair bit longer than we had originally imagined.

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We were able to squeeze out just over two hours in our real-world BatteryEater Pro test, which runs a graphical application in the background to simulate average desktop use and Web surfing while having the brightness set at 60%.

Asus told us to expect around 3 hours on a DVD rundown test, and our graphical test is more intense; plus, we also had Wi-Fi on for the entire test. In other words, you could easily see 3+ hours of battery life if you were just writing a document offline, or accomplishing some other not-so-demanding task(s). For a machine that's not exactly billed as one to great battery life, we're impressed. Granted, the beefy 8-cell battery helps, but since it adds no extra bulge and ships standard, we won't consider it cheating.

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