Asus 14" U43F Bamboo Core i5 Notebook Review

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SiSoftware Sandra & Multimedia Benchmarks

Testing with SiSoft SANDRA 2009
Synthetic Benchmarks

We continued our testing with SiSoftware's SANDRA 2009, the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant.  We ran four of the built-in subsystem tests (CPU Arithmetic, Multimedia Memory Bandwidth, Physical Disks). All of the scores reported below were taken with the processor running at its default speed along with 4GB of DDR3 RAM running in dual-channel mode.

CPU Arithmetic Test; Click To Enlarge

CPU Multimedia Test; Click To Enlarge

Memory Bandwidth Test; Click To Enlarge

Physical Disc Test; Click To Enlarge

In each benchmark here, the U43F was able to hold its own. It kept pace with its closest competition, which isn't surprising given that it's well equipped in the CPU/memory department. The Core i5-450M is a strong processor, and it really had a good showing here. We felt the horsepower in everyday use as well, and had no complaints about the power plant under the hood.

To test multimedia capabilities, we attempt to play back a 720p WMVHD clip, a 720p H.264 clip and a 1080p clip. We've also included a screenshot of the 1080p clip from the Mini 311 (which uses the original NVIDIA Ion GPU) to give you a better idea of CPU utilization from a slightly different type of system.

Click To Enlarge; 720 H.264

Click To Enlarge; 720p WMVHD

Click To Enlarge; 1080p

Click To Enlarge; 1080p on HP Mini 311 w/ Ion

Despite only having an integrated graphics core, the U43F is able to play back high-def multi-media without breaking a sweat. In fact, the 720p clips barely taxed the system at all. We're confident that you could have a few batch processes going in the background and still watch an HD clip without it stuttering. That's pretty impressive for a machine with an IGP.

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