Asetek Antarctica WaterChill Water Cooling Kit

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Asetek has been targeting the enthusiast since they began operating in 1997.  Their Vapochill vapor-phase refrigeration units have been pushing processors way past their rated specifications, and one would expect only high quality products from Asetek in the water cooling arena.  After testing the new Antarctica WaterChill kit, we think Asetek has delivered yet again.

The Antarctica water block we tested was based on an earlier design, that has since been optimized for higher performance and better mechanical compatibility with a wider range of motherboards. There are many other things are worth mentioning with regard to this kit as well.  The use of the HWLabs Black Ice Pro II radiator is a perfect compliment to the Antarctica water block.  It easily dissipates all of the heat the water block pulls from the processor.  The Hydro L30 pump is also a perfect fit for the kit as well.  Its high l/hr keeps cool water circulating throughout the entire water cooling loop.  We're a little bit concerned about it's reliability however and more testing is needed here before we can completely be sure of the root cause of its occasional miss-starts.

Regardless, all of the components Asetek offers with the Antarctica WaterChill kit mesh well, providing optimal performance even in the toughest of circumstances.  Based on its excellent design and performance, and its ease of installation, we're giving the Antarctica WaterChill kit a 9 HotHardware Heat Meter...


  • Excellent performance

  • Low noise operation

  • Excellent build quality

  • Superb overclocking potential

  • Modifications to the case are required to mount some parts

  • We had a problematic pump

  • Loose packaging

 Asetek Antarctica WaterChill Water Cooling Kit

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