Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review: More Of A Good Thing

Performance: GPU

To get a feel for how graphics performance on the iPhone 6s Plus compares to other devices, we used GFXBench, which has been one of our standard graphics performance benchmarks. In order to ensure V-Sync and resolution aren't limiting factors, we compare offscreen test results. We also used Futuremark's 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark.

GFXBench and 3DMark Ice Storm
Android Gaming Benchmarks

Apple iPhone 6s Plus GFXBench T-Rex

Apple iPhone 6s Plus GFXBench Fill

Apple made some bold claims about the graphics portion of its A9 chip saying that it delivers a level of gaming performance that's on par with dedicated consoles. That might be stretching things a bit, but exaggeration is hardly needed here. In GFXBench's T-Rex test, the iPhone 6s Plus averaged around 80 frames per second, nearly double its predecessor and more than 30 frames faster than the latest Galaxy handsets.

The iPhone 6s Plus couldn't replicated quite the same level of performance in the Fill test, though it still put on a strong showing. And once again, it nearly doubled the number put up by the previous generation iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited

Apple iPhone 6s Plus 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited FPS

Make no mistake, you can play games on the iPhone 6s Plus, and play them comfortably. In 3DMark's Ice Storm benchmark, Apple's latest handset posted the highest overall score, highest graphics score, and highest frame rates. The only category it didn't lead was physics.

This isn't a throwaway category, either. Gaming on smartphones is becoming more sophisticated, and it's especially important on devices with big size displays, which gamers tend to gravitate towards.

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