AMD's Low Power Fusion APU: Zacate Unveiled

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A Glimpe of Retail Product The Wrap-up

Finally, we got a quick glimpse of an MSI thin-and-light notebook built around AMD's Zacate E-350 series processor.  With razor sharp lines, a svelte demeanor and sleek good-looks, we'd say this could very well be a common incarnation of AMD Zacate at the retail level.

AMD's test platform, more humble than the notebook but easier to sink our teeth into.

We'll close this small preview out with an apology of sorts for the tease we've put you through here.  AMD has us holding off on performance metrics with their new CPU for a little while longer.  And so, we'll be making a return to the Brazos and Zacate rivers of low power techno-goodness (we'll let you look Google those names), in the weeks ahead.  So stay tuned.  Ultra-light mobile PC aficionados may just have something to get excited about here.

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