AMD Sempron 3300+ Launch

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XMPEG 5.03 & Windows Media Encoder 9

Another way to assess a processor's performance is to run a series of video-encoding tests.  Video encoding is extremely CPU and Memory bandwidth intensive and has proven to be a good method for gauging overall CPU performance.  In the next two segments we ran a series of common encoding tasks and timed the complete process.  During the first test, we utilized XMPEG to encode a 110MB MPEG to AVI.  The second test used Windows Media Encoder 9 to convert a 416MB AVI to a WMV file.

XMPEG 5.03 & Windows Media Encoder 9
Digital Video Encoding

When it came to encoding video with XMPEG, the Sempron 3300+ and Celeron 3 535 were identical in performance while the Sempron 3100+ trailed the others by 10 seconds.

With Windows Media Encoder, the Sempron 3300+ beat the Celeron D 535 by over 31 seconds.  The Sempron 3100+, running a full 1000MHz slower, managed to top the Celeron D by 14 seconds as well.  When encoding with Window Media Encoder, L1 cache appears to be more important than clockspeed, as the Sempron's performance has demonstrated.


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