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Futuremark's PCMark04 & 3DMark05

Futuremark PCMark04
More Synthetic CPU & Memory Benchmarks

We continued our synthetic testing with PCMark04, a decent all-in-one benchmark that assesses the four major components of a system; CPU, Memory, Graphics and Hard Drive.  In this case, we're going to focus on CPU and Memory performance.

PCMark showed the Celeron as the top performer in each segment.  Unlike the Sandra CPU tests, PCMark's CPU module placed the Sempron 3300+ a very close second to the Celeron D 535. Interestingly, the Sempron 3100+ managed second position with the memory module, while the Celeron based system was the leader.

3DMark05 - CPU Testing Module
DirectX Gaming Performance

While 3DMark05 is typically used for benchmarking graphics cards, it's also versatile enough to isolate testing to the CPU, making it a useful tool for testing CPU and motherboard performance.  In this round of tests, we ran 3DMark05's CPU test exclusively, logging the results with each processor.

While PCMark04 leaned in favor of the Celeron D, when we isolated CPU performance in 3DMark, the scores favored both Sempron processors heavily.  In this case, the Celeron D lagged the Sempron 3300+ by 723 3DMarks while trailing the 3100+ by 420 3DMarks. 

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