AMD Sempron 3300+ Launch

Looking Under the Hood with CPU-Z

Comparing the Line-up with CPU-Z
A Detailed Comparison

Sometimes we like to load comparison shots of CPU-Z to give a clearer breakdown of how one processor compares to another.  We didn't find any surprises here, just a concise way of showing each chip's differences.   When comparing the two Sempron processors, differences in L2 cache and SSE3 Instructions are most notable, as we previously discussed.  The Celeron D 535 is one of the highest clocked Celerons available and a good comparison as AMD is targeting the 3300+ directly at the fastest Celeron you can find.

AMD Sempron 3300+ @ 2.0GHz

Intel Celeron D 335 @ 2.8GHz

AMD Sempron 3100+ @ 1.8GHz

Next, we'll breakdown the HH Test Bed and start the benchmarks off with a few popular synthetic tests.

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