AMD Sempron 2800+ & 3100+ Review

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Wolfenstein: ET & Comanche 4

For our next two tests, we used several popular gaming benchmarks to test CPU and motherboard performance.  The first test was Wolfenstein: ET, a game based on the popular Quake III gaming engine.  We set the visual qualities to 640 x 480 x 16 to eliminate the load on the graphics processor and focus more on CPU and memory performance. Comanche 4 was also used because it is heavily dependent on the CPU, often stressing the most powerful processors available.  During this test, we used the default 800 x 600 x 32 setting with Audio disabled.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
OpenGL Quake Engine Gaming

It seems that where the ATI IGP with the Pentium 4 tends to top the CPU-intensive tests, the ASUS A7N8X-VM/400 has the upper hand with the gaming tests.  Here, the Sempron 2800+-based system crushed the Pentium 4 machine, topping it by 38FPS.  It looks like the GeForce MX has the upper hand over ATI's integrated Radeon 9100, at least in this test.

Shifting to the Sempron 3100+ performance chart, we found another dominant run by the AMD chip.  Breaking triple digits, the Sempron 3100+ lead by 16FPS, where the Pentium 4 reference machine topped out at 98.1FPS.

Comanche 4
DirectX 8 Gaming - CPU Limited

The Comanche 4 benchmark demonstrated more of the same performance results.  Once again, the ASUS/Sempron 2800+ combination was too much for the Pentium 4 test bed, topping the ATI IGP system by 21FPS.  The Sempron 3100+ also pulled out another lead, this time by a 5FPS margin over the Intel 865 system.

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