AMD Radeon R9 Fury Review: Fiji On Air Tested

Tomb Raider Performance

Crystal Dynamics’ Crystal Engine got heavily modified for the Tomb Raider reboot’s PC version, and the quality shines through. And while AMD initially had a huge advantage over NVIDIA with the game’s implementation of TressFX, NVIDIA has since leveled the playing field, and testing Tomb Raider on its Ultimate quality benchmark is fair game.

Tomb Raider Performance
Lara Croft Is Still Doing Her Thing

tomb raider
Tomb Raider

fury tomb 1440p

fury tomb 4K

At 1440p, all the cards in our test do an admirable job kicking out 60+ FPS with decent minimum framerates. And as with our 3DMark Fire Strike results, the Fury settles in much closer to the 980 Ti than it does the 980. At 4K the 980 gets lapped with the Fury beating it by 21%, and landing 7% slower than the 980 Ti.

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