AMD FreeSync And LG 34UM67 Widescreen Monitor Review

Calibration and Controls

Like most monitors, LG provides a number of controls in the 34UM67's OSD so users can tune and optimize on-screen images to their liking. There are color temperature options available, typical brightness and contrast controls, as well as controls for sound, picture controls, and inputs.

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    LG incorporated a physical joystick button into the 34UM67, which is our preferred solution. Many monitor makers have used touch-sensitive buttons that don't always register key-presses. They look good, but having to press a touch-sensitive button multiple times just to register some input can get annoying, really fast. The physical joystick on the 34UM67 makes navigating the on-screen menus quick and easy.

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    The display's menus are also clearly laid out and simple to navigate. Button configurations don't change as you enter different menus and, in general, things are quite intuitive.

    Menus and Options

    Sample Test Screens
    For part of our testing of the LG 34UM67, we used the Lagom LCD monitor test pages found at The Lagom LCD monitor test pages provide tests for saturation, banding, sharpness, uniformity and more.

    Our testing showed that contrast on the LG 34UM67 was good. The display was fairly sharp and it also offered very good black levels, but the display's pixel density isn't high enough to rival the sharpness on higher-end displays. The white level performance of ALG 34UM67 was decent as well. Banding was not an issue at all. And the monitor showed very slight, minimal signs of pixel walk when viewed up close. There was some backlight bleed visible when viewing black screens in the dark, but it was not noticeable during real-world use or when multi-colored images were on-screen.

    Overall, most users would be pleased with the performance of the LG 34UM67. It's not the sharpest or most uniform IPS display we've used, but it is superior to the vast majority of TN panels out there currently.

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