AMD and ATI Merger: Our Questions Answered

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HotHardware: What about NVIDIA's role as a core chipset supplier? Can you comment on their relative importance moving forward and what effect this transaction might have on further development with the nForce family of core logic chipset products?

AMD / ATI: NVIDIA continues to be an important chipset partner for AMD. We are committed to ensuring our customers have maximum choice and flexibility in choosing the solutions to best meet their unique needs. With the acquisition of ATI we now have the ability to provide customers with more choice than ever before - whether on a unified or best-of-breed platform.


HotHardware: Would you expect that logically NVIDIA might align strategies and product efforts more targeted to Intel solutions now, at least from a chipset perspective?

AMD / ATI: That's a question that you should be asking NVIDIA. It would be inappropriate for us to comment on their strategy.


HotHardware: Any initial areas of opportunity relative to incorporating GPU-specific functions on the CPU or vice versa?

AMD / ATI: It's too early to get into specific product details at this point but there are a number of areas we feel we can increase the pace of CPU/GPU innovation. Key market segments like commercial, mobile and the digital home present significant opportunities for AMD and ATI to innovate and deliver new value to our customers.


HotHardware: What are the main key perceived advantages of this acquisition and can you help us understand some their immediate impact?

AMD / ATI: We believe this acquisition positions us as a processing powerhouse in the industry. The marriage of AMD and ATI's best-in-class computing, graphics, digital media and processing technologies will result in better, more innovative and more complete customer-focused solutions. AMD and ATI complement each other's strengths across technologies, markets, manufacturing and geographies, and their collective roster of strong customer relationships represents a who's who in the computing and consumer electronics industries. ATI has a number of complimentary strengths to AMD and this acquisition allows us to drive increased growth innovation in areas like mobile, commercial, consumer digital media and high-growth markets.

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