AMD 785G Chipset Launch: ASUS and Gigabyte

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General Performance: Cinebench R10

Cinebench R10 is an OpenGL 3D rendering performance test based on Cinema 4D from Maxon. Cinema 4D is a 3D rendering and animation tool suite used by 3D animation houses and producers like Sony Animation and many others.  It's very demanding of system processor resources and is an excellent gauge of pure computational throughput.

Cinebench R10
3D Rendering

This is a multi-threaded, multi-processor aware benchmark that renders a single 3D scene and tracks the length of the entire process. The rate at which each test system could render the entire scene is represented in the graph below.

Cinebench offers us a second perspective on the AMD 785G's 3D Rendering performance. Once again, as with Kribibench, all rendering is accomplished by the CPU alone. Here we see that the Intel Q8200 has a clear advantage over the X3 720, thanks to its additional core which Cinebench is able to take full advantage of. The AMD 785G is still very competative and falls in step with the AMD 790FX.

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