Alienware Aurora ALX Gaming System Preview

Wrap Up

Performance Summary: 
In our limited time with Alienware's latest Aurora ALX, it provided the highest scores we've seen out of any of the systems recently reviewed at HotHardware. We expected it to do well due to its cutting edge hardware and configuration, but the extent to which it dominated our real world gaming tests was truly impressive. Combining Intel's most powerful processor with two of the fastest graphics cards on the market is a combination that currently can't be beat.



For now, we'll reserve our final thoughts on the newest Aurora ALX for the full review, which will be completed shortly, after we've had more time to spend with the system to see what its truly capable of (it arrived on Tuesday). We plan on digging deeper into all of the system's features and design specifications. The system has a few bells and whistles that we haven't even mentioned yet. In addition, more testing will be conducted to give you a better idea as to how well it performs in other usage models.

We hope, you've enjoyed this short preview and are itching to see more of the Aurora ALX, because there's a lot more to cover. So stay tuned to HH for the comprehensive review, which will be published very soon.

Alienware's Aurora ALX

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