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The Acorp 7KT266A Motherboard Review
More KT266A Action In The House!

By, Jeff Bouton
January 23, 2002



Benchmarks and Comparisons
Quake 3 and the Winstones...

Quake 3:

The first test we ran was Quake 3's timedemo "DEMO001" to determine the CPU limit of this particular motherboard.  We ran the test at both "default" and "over clocked" speeds to demonstrate the gains achieved by the over clock attempt.  The test was run at 640x480x16 with the "fastest" setting selected.



When it comes to gaming, the 7KT266A should have no problem tearing through today's more popular games.  Couple the 7KT266A with a good video card and CPU and gaming should be a good experience.

Next we'll get back to work and see how the system performed when we ran some real world tests.

Content Creation and Business Winstone 2001:

First up in our Winstone line of tests is Content Creation 2001.  The benchmark focuses on stressing a systems ability to handle CPU intensive multimedia applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Sound Forge.  As a comparison, we've offered a sneak-peak at the scores we received with a Shuttle AK35GTR motherboard which we will be reviewing in the near future.



As far as its ability to handle heavy doses of multimedia applications, the Acorp 7KT266A had no problem at all, keeping pace with the Shuttle board.  Now we'll run Business Winstone 2001, a benchmark that measures a systems ability to handle some of today's more popular office type applications.  Once again we compared the performance to the Shuttle AK35GTR.



The 7KT266A also shows that it has no trouble running popular business application as well.  In this test the Acorp 7KT266A was bested by the Shuttle AK35GTR by a margin of 5 points.

After giving the Acorp 7KT266A motherboard a good workout, we've been able to truly assess its capabilities, potential and place in the hardware world.  We have already determined that the 7KT266A is not a high-powered over clocking motherboard.  With no multiplier settings and a simple BIOS, the 7KT266A has proven that it is not up to the task of over clocking and offers the hard-core tweaker little.  What this board has shown us is that it is more suited to the workstation market or the computer user looking to build a simple yet stable system with decent performance.

As a workstation or small server motherboard, the 7KT266A has a lot to offer with good performance and excellent stability.  Add on the ability to accommodate ACR components as well as expand the BIOS monitor with the "Smart Led" feature and the 7KT266A shines a bit brighter.  Our only wish is that Acorp abandon the gimmicks and offer their users useful hardware that will allow them to take full advantage of the boards features.  Throw in an "extras" CD that is complete and they would have themselves a nice package to offer.

With excellent design, construction and stability, but limited over clocking ability and mediocre performance, we give the Acorp 7KT266A motherboard a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a...


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