Abit's KT7ARAID Socket A Motherboard

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Abit's KT7A-RAID Socket A Motherboard
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By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
March 8, 2001

Time for SiSoft's Sandra and CC Winstone!

CC Winstone & Sandra
Workin' It...


Here we again see the Abit KT7A-RAID with the better performance.  Thus far the KT7A-RAID has dominated.

Next up is our SiSoft Sandra testing.  Here we will see some interesting results...

SiSoft Sandra

CPU @ 750                                           CPU @ 1.064

CPU performance is excellent with the KT7A-RAID.  According to SiSoft's data, our OC'd CPU performs on par with a 1.2GHz Athlon despite the 136MHz difference.

MM @ 750                                            MM @ 1.064

Single HD                                              R.A.I.D. 0

The single hard drive tests were performed with the drive connected to the VIA IDE controller.  Obviously, the RAID tests were run with the drives connected to the HPT-370.  Here we still see the performance of the KT7A-RAID is top notch.

We saved the best for last though...

MEM @ 750 (100MHz)                           MEM @ 1.064 (133MHz)

Memory performance is an area where the KT7A-RAID really shines.  Our over-clocked results were excellent.  We should mention that these tests were run with the BIOS settings at Turbo / 4-Way / CAS 2.  If you've got high quality RAM that will operate at these settings with higher FSBs, you owe it to yourself to unlock you CPU and use them.  Keep in mind that it is a little tougher to hit higher bus speeds because of the "DDR like" nature of the EV6 bus (a 33MHz increase in actual bus speed is an effective 66MHz increase).

Overall, we were VERY pleased with the Abit KT7A-RAID.  Performance, compatibility and stability were top notch.  The board is packed with features and excelled in every test.  The only negative we can think of is the impending onslaught of DDR platforms...and even then, the slight performance gains they are showing don't justify the higher price.  If we were building an Athlon system today this would be the board we'd base our system on.  The KT7A-RAID is arguably the best Socket A motherboard available.  We give it a rare H.H. Editor's Choice Award and a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of...

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