ABIT SR78X Motherboard Review

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The ABIT SR7-8X Motherboard Review
SiS and Abit, a Powerful Combination

By, Jeff Bouton
September 22, 2002


Benchmarks and Comparisons
Full System Tests...

MadOnion's PCMark2002Pro:

One of the quickest applications available for determining a system's overall performance is PCMark2002.  PcMark2002 is an excellent tool for gauging the performance and ability of the three most important components of a system, CPU, Memory and Hard Drive.


When it came to CPU performance, the Abit board had the advantage over the Shuttle, although it was a close race.  Both the Abit and Shuttle test systems put up good scores with the CPU Performance Module.  Next we'll take a look at the overall memory performance of the two boards.


Once again we have to give the edge to the Abit SR7-8X with an average gain of 121 points over the Shuttle board.  When we kicked the memory speed up to 400MHz., the Abit system jumped another 233 points to 5276.  Once again, the test did not reflect an increase in score that we would expect to see with a 20% increase in memory bandwidth.  Instead we saw an increase in score of 4.6%.

Next up...Hard drive performance.


Here we saw wide variations in score with each system.  The Shuttle AS45GT/R took the top spot, topping the Abit SR7-8X by almost 40 points.  It was strange to see that the hard drive performance actually dropped when we increased the memory to 400MHz. DDR.  Perhaps it had something to do with the installation of Windows for each test, each test was run on separate installations due to all the problems we encountered with the overclocking process.  It's hard to say why there is a decline in score of almost 40 points, but we have to report what we saw.

Next we will really put the systems to the test with a couple of popular benchmarking applications from the folks at eTestingLabs.


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