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Performance Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: When we assess the overall performance of the ABIT AL8 among several of its peers, we find a competitive motherboard that fares well against other products of a similar mold.  In most cases, the ABIT AL8 offered the best performance out of the three models tested, but its lead was fractional at most.  It seems that most quality motherboards based on the 945P chipset are going to offer comparable performance across a variety of benchmarks.  This leaves features and price to be the deciding factors, rather than benchmark performance results.

When we reflect back on our experience with the AL8, our overall impressions are quite good.  For one, we have a 945P motherboard that brings dual-core support to the mainstream, while offering a solid retail package and complementary software bundle.  ABIT did a fine job with its uGuru utility software package, which works in conjunction with the integrated processor of the same name.  Whether you accessed uGuru from the BIOS or through ABIT's custom Windows-based applications, uGuru proved to be an excellent tool with an extensive feature set.

In the performance arena, yes, overclocking was not the greatest, but we are relatively certain that this is not the norm for the AL8.  From a stock performance standpoint, the board competed well with similarly equipped models.  The AL8 also had a quality feature set, with an excellent collection of integrated components and quality details such as ABIT's OTES cooled Northbridge and OC Strips applied to the underside of the board for heat dissipation around the CPU.  Throw in the optional uGuru Clock and the ABIT AL8 definitely separates itself from the pack.

Overall, we found the AL8 to be the most attractive 945P based motherboard to come our way thus far.  ABIT did a fine job of dotting their I's and crossing their T's with the AL8, showing a particular attention to detail, over and above what we've seen up until now.  With a updated BIOS that addresses the low overclocking results, the AL8 would rank very high on our heat meter scale.

We Give The ABIT AL8 a Hot Hardware Heat Meter of 8.5...

_Excellent Features
_Dual RAID
_OC Strips
_Software Complement
_Active Cooling

_Weak Overclocking
_ABIT BlackBox

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