Zotac GeForce GTX 285 Infinity Edition

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Before wrapping up the article, we'll cover one of the selling points of this card. Since the aim of watercooling is to improve heat dissipation and lower operating temps, we recorded the idle and load temperatures of the GPUs during benchmarking. Our testing environment is climate controlled at 22.2C / 72F and we used RivaTuner to monitor core temps. 

GPU Core Temperatures
Monitored with RivaTuner

Its no surprise to see the watercooled Zotac GPU function at lower temps than the comparison cards. Compared to the GTX 295, the Infinity Edition GTX 285 performed its duties 12 degrees cooler under load and 9 degrees less while idle. Similarly, it achieved much lower temps than the hot running HD 4870 X2. We saw differences of 19 degrees under load and a whopping 37 degree variation in an idle state.

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