Zotac GeForce GTX 285 Infinity Edition

Zotac GTX 285 Infinity Edition

Most users are accustomed to the large, black plastic shroud covering the stock GeForce GTX 285's heatsink and fan assembly. Here, on Zotac's liquid-cooled offering, the heat exchange apparatus used is a copper waterblock that's ready to be added to an existing cooling loop.


Zotac GeForce GTX 285 Infinity Edition

Cognizant watercooling buffs will recognize the GPU block used on the Infinity Edition GPU. Zotac adopted Danger Den's GTX 285 block to cool off their product. This particular block is designed specifically for reference GTX 285 GPUs and provides cooling to all heat generating points on the card, including the GPU, RAM, voltage regulators, and display I/O chip. And at 2.2 lbs, the block is relatively heavy as its made of copper with a translucent lucite top. Moreover, there is one inlet and outlet coolant path that provides low flow restriction and minimal pressure drop. For those interested in finding out how to remove/install the block, Danger Den's instructions can be found here

The videocard does not take up much more room than a standard GTX 285. In fact, the GPU block is thin enough to make this a single slot card. Unfortunately, the card comes with the same dual slot PCI bracket found in the reference design. We hope future revisions offer single slot brackets as it would free up an expansion slot on the motherboard. This becomes even more of a concern for those who connect two or three of these cards in SLI.       

Zotac includes a hefty bundle in order to get things started. It ships with three disks consisting of a driver CD, 3DMark Vantage, and the Race Driver GRID PC game. Furthermore, you will find a DVI to HDMI adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, S/PDIF audio cable, and two molex to 6-pin power cables. To round out the bundle, Zotac provides a user's manual, quick installation guide, and a small case badge.

The card comes with a two year warranty covering parts and labor. But if you register the card with Zotac within 30 days of purchase, they will provide a lifetime warranty. This is on par with other manufacturers who require registration before activating lifetime coverage.

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