Zotac GeForce GTX 285 Infinity Edition

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Overclocking the Infinity GTX 285

What do you do with a watercooled, factory overclocked card sporting the fastest core frequency on the market? Overclock it even more, of course! Using the latest version of RivaTuner, we raised core clock while leaving it linked to the shader frequency. Once we found a stable core speed, we increased memory frequency to its limit and soon arrived at reliable settings that provided both stability and utmost performance.

Overclocking The GTX 285 Infinity Edition
Pedal To The Metal

With the core clock at a blazing 743MHz, 1630MHz shader, and memory screaming along at 1475MHz, we were happy to see the card with a bit of overclocking headroom left. Even though we expected a bit more with the cooling prowess available, its important to note that our initial frequencies were awfully fast to begin with. At any rate, our overclocked settings landed 3% gains over the Infinity Edition settings in both FC2 and L4D. Likewise, we saw an 11% and 12% improvement over the reference clocked GTX 285 in these two games.  

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