Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Vista, DRM & New Monitors

Hey folks, the news has been pretty slow this weekend, but there's enough for a post. I can hardly keep my eyes open... struggling to move these fingers. Goodnight all, enjoy the news!

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts @ Big Bruin

"Windows keyboard shortcuts are all intended to provide some sort of convenient alternative to common tasks, and whether specific combinations do so is up to the individual to decide. Some are simple time-saving motions, while others are complex maneuvers in finger gymnastics. There are dozens of other common Windows shortcuts (and even more related to specific software titles), and memorizing just a few of the more basic ones may be worth the time-savings they can afford you."

BenQ DW1640 16x DVD+-RW Double Layer Writer @ ExtremeMHz | Image

"Based on all the DVD writers I've had the pleasure of looking at, I can honestly say that those drives from BenQ are indeed the most impressive in terms of overall performance. No other drive has impressed me more, and this is why I was eagerly awaiting their next release. Unfortunately, the BenQ DW1640 took quite some time to hit the market, and to this day, the retail model is practically impossible to acquire in the US."

On Windows Vista, DRM, and new monitors @ Ars Technica

"With Windows Vista due to arrive in 2006, questions are arising as to how it will deal with true high-definition video, next-generation optical disk formats, and DRM. With content creators looking to tighten control over how consumers view and use their products and the successor(s) to the DVD looking to have some serious DRM built in, what will that mean for the consumer? Here's a hint: it doesn't look pretty."

FujiFilm Finepix F10 6.3MP Digital Camera @ Bytesector

"I'll be reviewing the Fuji Finepix F10 today. This is one of those few cameras with that killer feature I was just talking about. This little 6.3 MP point-and-shoot has the ability to shoot images with film speeds as high as ISO1600 and as low as ISO80. In theory, this means it'll be possible to shoot in just about any situation, regardless of shutter speeds or room lighting."

HP dvd640e External DVD Writer with LightScribe @ Hardware Zone

"Developed and patented by HP, LightScribe technology allows consumers to create professional looking silk-screen labels on LightScribe media. We've seen the technology in action with the BenQ DW1625 and today is our first ever look at HP's first LightScribe drive, the dvd640e."