Unified Shaders Not Required For DX10 Support

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that Microsoft will not be making Unified Shaders a strict requirement in order to have complete DirectX10 support. With NVIDIA's upcoming G80 GPU rumored to have its Vertex, Pixel, and Geometry Shaders still somewhat segmented into different parts this is certainly a sigh of relief for the gang in Santa Clara. The choice to refrain from a truly unified shader architecture could very well mean some healthy gains in current DirectX9 games as well though we obviously will need to wait to get our hands on the card before we make any conclusions. One thing is certain though, the race for the fastest GPU on the planet will certainly be exciting this round as each player seems to be somewhat of a wildcard.

That is how Nvidia plans to make its G80 chip and Microsoft doesn't object. Nvidia will be first to launch a DirectX 10 part with ATI to follow roughly two months after Nvidia introduces its G80 baby.


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