Ultimate Guide to RAM, Gaming Gear Checklist, Zen Vision video player Sneak-Peek

Ultimate Idiot's Guide to RAM @ FutureLooks:

"Memory: What is it? How does it work? What kinds are there? We try to answer almost everything you can possibly think of, and maybe bring up a few things you didn't think mattered!"

AmacroX Super Wide Camera Phone Lens Review @ Modtown:

"Once the steel ring is attached to the camera mobile phone, the AmacroX Super Wide Camera Phone Lens can be offered into place and it will be held securely by the magnetic ring built into it. The process of taking photographs using the camera mobile phone does not change and the user should proceed to take a photograph how they normally would, according the camera mobile phone manufacturer instructions..."

Gaming Gear Checklist @ Big Bruin:

"Having a computer configured to be the ultimate gaming system with all the latest and greatest hardware could easily cost several thousand dollars. Guess what? Within a few months, all of those cutting edge components will be old news, and a whole new batch of products will be available with even greater performance. But, if you are like most consumers, you have a budget and picking components that provide decent performance is possible without mortgaging the house."

Creative preps Zen Vision video player @ The Register:

"The Zen Vision is said to sport a 1.8in 30GB hard drive to store MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG 4, WMV, DIVx and XviD audio and video files, not to mention JPEG and TIFF pictures, for playback on the unit's 3.7in, 640 x 480 65,535-colour display."