Swiftech H20-Apex "Extreme Duty" Series Liquid Cooling Kit Video Review

Is your overclocked rig being held back by high temps? For the extreme overclocker, air cooling just doesn't always cut it. 3dGameMan looks to quench your thirst with Swiftech's H20-Apex "Extreme Duty" kit. In traditional 3dGameMan style, the review is presented in video format, so grab a snack and enjoy the show.

"There's a reason they call this product "Extreme Duty"! They include massive tubing (5/8"), the excellent STORM waterblock, and a wicked industrial quiet pump. All this in combination has to yield excellent results, and it does. If you're in the market for an internal watercooling kit, definitely put this baby at the very top of your list. Watch the Video to find out more..."