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Good evening brothers and sisters :)  The Ol'News Jockey is still not feeling on top of his game today, so nothing terrible exciting happened in my world.  I have basically been veging-out in front of the computer with my new game, FarCry.  If you have yet had a chance to pick up a copy/download the demo, go do so, it is one sweet game.  Below, I have attached two images for your viewing pleasure :)


EE TIMES ARTICLE - Nichia, Sony sign blue laser licensing deal

April 22, 2004 - TOKYO - A cross-licensing deal with Nichia Corp. will make Sony Corp. the second supplier of blue-violet laser diodes. Nichia and Sony first announced their collaboration in December 2002. Since then the two companies have been working together to develop the laser technology while deciding on what form of partnership they would form. Along with a cross-licensing deal, they also considered a joint venture.

The cross-licensing deal involves the exchange of about 500 patents by Nichia and about 300 from Sony for optical disc recording/playback usage. At the same time, the two companies will compete against each other in the laser market.

The fruits of their collaboration have already been incorporated into Nichia's laser diode supplied last spring to Sony for its first Blu-ray recorder. Sony also has been offering samples based on the joint work since last spring.

Nichia has been offering its own short-wavelength lasers ranging from violet, blue to green. The company will use the jointly-developed diode for optical-disk applications and will begin supplying it to customers this summer.

The laser diode with 405-nm wavelength is a key component of the Blu-ray disk system and XDCAM, Sony's professional disc recording system. Sony said it intends to offer the 405-nm laser to Blu-ray disk users as well as for internal use.

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Corsair TWINX1024-4400 (DDR550) @ Hardware Zone

"Are your DDR400 memory modules restricting your overclocking potential? Perhaps the new class of DDR550 memory modules might be your ticket to maximize your system capabilities. Check out what we found about Corsair's matched pair of DDR550 modules."

Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus @ ExtremeMHz

?If your in search of a quality PCI Tuner and capture card for your PC, the VideoMate TV Gold Plus should be on the top of your list.  Don't let its price tag fool you, it's an excellent, feature-rich tuner and capture solution that is sure to please a wide range of users.  It comes with a very generous bundle and includes a wide array of features, including the exclusive Power-UP Scheduling feature not found on other capture cards.?

Game Review: Painkiller @

"This first-person horror shooter takes Daniel Garner now known as 'Painkiller', a mercenary for grabs, and puts him smack dab in the middle of his favorite environment the home of the undead. Unlike other survival-horror titles, in Painkiller it is the monsters that should be afraid of you. Collecting souls of the undead for cash, players tear through levels buying upgraded firepower as they go."

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