Sicruro 2.1 Gaming Speakers, Coolmax Chameleon Fan and Other Swank Hardware

Good morning my friends :)  Sorry about my absents for the past few days; we have been having a few issues with our e-mail accounts.  Needless to say, I am back up and running.  So, without further delay, lets get down to business...

Sicuro RW-360XL 2.1 Gaming Speakers @ ExplosiveLabs

"Today we are taking a look at the Real World Technology Inc. Sicuro RW-360XL 2.1 gaming speakers. Yes they are 2.1, as popular as 5.1 speakers have become you may be thinking why even consider 2.1? Generally speaking you may be right, however these Sicuro 2.1 gaming speakers by Real World Tech apparently recreate surround sound with only 2 speakers. And without using any special software to reproduce the surround sound effect."

Coolmax Chameleon Fan @

"LED fans are nothing new and the truth is, nothing to really get excited about anymore.  At least that was what i thought before i received Coolmax's Chameleon fan."

AMD Tech Tour Is Back! Nvidia looking at server chipsets @ AMD Zone

"Join us at the 2004 Spring AMD Tech Tour to experience firsthand how AMD64 technology can power your business to success. Find out how the leading-edge 32-bit processor will deliver a 64-bit encore. Learn how the Enhanced Virus Protection built into the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor works with the upcoming Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 to help stop certain viruses before they spread. See product demonstrations of some of the latest and coolest AMD64 gaming and entertainment applications."

Designtechnica Reviews the Hy-Tek Tek Panel 300 Computer

"With configurations costing upwards of $8,000, this system may be out of reach for most consumers. But taking all of the high-end components and custom features into account, the price is quite reasonable. Put the Tek Panel 300 in front of any serious gamer and you'll need a towel and a squeegee to wipe up all the drool. The fact that Hy-Tek could squeeze all of these high-end components into a slightly thicker-than-normal LCD casing is a testament to their engineering and design prowess. "

NVIDIA's MXM Mobile Graphics Form Factor review @

"NVIDIA's biggest chance of success with MXM comes from the Go variant of their new GeForce 6 series of GPUs.  Strong performance and a solution based around it that's attractive to ODMs (cost and support wise), taking away some of the shine from ATI and M2x, their next-generation FLEXFIT (ATI's own V-MAP style spec for pin-compatible GPU replacement) PCI-Express parts, will help drive acceptance of MXM into the mobile space."

Time for me to run, I will catch you later tonight :) - Cheers