Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 ‘Champ’ Folding Phone Rumored For Summer Launch With This Trick Feature

galaxy fold screen
Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold did a belly flop prior to its initial release in 2019 due to its under-engineered display and hinge mechanism. Samsung delayed the official launch and went back to rework both the display and the hinge, and finally released the revised version in late September 2019

While Samsung is currently grabbing headlines with its sleek Galaxy Z Flip, a true successor to the Galaxy Fold is reportedly in the works. It’s allegedly being developed under the codename “Champ” and will be called the Galaxy Fold 2. According to Mac Weinbach of XDA-Developers, the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to ditch the awkward notch on the current folding smartphone, and will adopt an Infinity-O layout with a center cutout for the selfie camera. There’s also a small possibility that there will actually be an under-display selfie camera at work here; something that we’ve seen in several prototype smartphones. We'd love to see this feature working on a production smartphone, and given the experimental nature of the Samsung's folding devices, why not use its nearly $2,000 flagship as the testbed for the technology...

There’s also word that the Galaxy Fold 2 will feature a larger, 7.7-inch display (compared to 7.3 inches), and will be constructed of stainless steel and ceramic materials. There’s also speculation that the device will carry the same camera setup as the Galaxy S20+ and that it will feature an S-Pen.

That last tidbit is curious, as a plastic display and a stylus don’t make for a happy combination. The tiniest specs of dust could result in scratches in the display when being pushed around with a stylus (anyone that had a smartphone or PDA in the Windows Phone era understands this). And the fact that the Galaxy Z Flip’s “glass” display isn’t standing up to the most basic scratch tests doesn’t bode too well for this combination.

Galaxy Fold

With that being said, we can make a few other assumptions about the device if it is indeed going to launch later this year. It would most likely be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC paired with the Snapdragon X55 5G modem. It would also have either 12GB or 16GB of RAM as seen on the Galaxy S20 family.

It’s reported that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be priced similarly to its successor, which rings in at $1,980.