PlayStation Emulator for iPhone, iPod Released

Jonesing for a way to play PS 1 games, and happen to have an iPod handy?  An enterprising developer may have the answer to your woes.

Previously only available as a private beta to donators, a PlayStation 1 emulator for the iPhone and iPod has been released to the public. The version is 0.1.0 so it’s obviously far from done, but psx4iPhone is available now.

The developer, ZodTTD, indicates that although there will be public releases to come, if you want to see the full range of beta releases, you should sign up for the ZodTTD Beta Testers Club by donating.

Good luck getting used to a touchscreen instead of a regular controller, but honestly, who knows?  It might just catch on.

Via:  RealTechNews
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