Hello, Moto Discounts! Motorola Phones Are Up To $250 Off With These Prime Day Deals

hero razr prime day deals
Amazon Prime Day is finally here and Motorola is bringing the deals for smartphones. From the recently released Motorola Razr+ flip phone to the Motorola ThinkPhone and everything in between, buyers can find a great deal on a Motorola smartphone right now.

Motorola Razr+ Flip Phone

Motorola recently launched its next-generation Razr+ flip phone, and the tech company brought the heat with a fantastic external display and a more durable hinge.

motorola razr plus

When it comes to external displays, owners have struggled to do pretty much anything without having to unfold the phone. However, Motorola's new 3.6-inch external display changes the game. The new display isn't just for looks, as users can take advantage of being able to fully interact with texts, answer and end phone calls, and more, without ever having to open the phone fully. When someone does want to open the foldable device, they will be met with a gorgeous 6.9-inch pOLED display.

With a larger external display, content creators can take full advantage of Flex View. Whether they are using the phone in a propped position to take a selfie, video, or live stream, making content has never been easier.

The Razr+ is powered by a Snapdragon 8+, boosting both speed and performance. It also delivers a 20% increase in AI performance. The 3800mAh battery will be able to keep the Razr+ powered and keep the show going.

The unlocked Motorola Razr+ is currently 15% off at a sale price of $849.99.

Motorola ThinkPhone

Earlier this year, Motorola teamed up with Lenovo to introduce a smartphone that could seamlessly integrate with Lenovo's popular ThinkPad laptop. This is great for anyone that has a ThinkPad and wants to be even more productive on the go.

motorola think phone

The ThinkPhone is designed for security as its hardware, firmware, and software are all integrated to protect your most sensitive data from mobile threats. Moto KeySafe, PINs, passwords, and cryptographic keys are all isolated from other device data for an additional layer of high-level security.

Users can expand their mobile workspace and enjoy a seamless connection to their PC3 with ThinkPhone. The smartphone integrates Android and Microsoft Windows to create an experience that takes productivity to new heights.

The unlocked Motorola ThinkPhone is currently 15% off at a sale price of $594.99.

Motorola Edge (2022)

For those that don't want to spend the money to buy a Razr+ or ThinkPhone, Motorola has plenty of other options that won't break the bank. One of those is the 2022 Motorola Edge.

The Motorola Edge has an ultra-smooth 144Hz display, making watching your favorite content a delight in true-to-life color. Add in the unbelievable battery life plus blazing fast charging, and users will enjoy having entertainment in the palm of their hands for those long trips.

motorola edge 2022

For the shutterbugs out there, the Edge comes with a 50mp high-res camera system that delivers sharp images with Ultra pixel technology and OIS. The camera array can capture those close-up selfies everyone loves, as well as taking ultra-wide shots of a group of beloved friends or the city landscape on a night out on the town.

The unlocked Motorola Edge 2022 version is currently an astounding 42% off for a low price of $349.99.

Moto G 5G (2022)

Need to save a little more money? Well, Motorola has you covered there as well. The Moto G 5G smartphone also has a 50mp smart camera system to make capturing those special moments easy and in full clarity for years to come.

Moto g 5g 2022

Anyone that depends on a long-lasting battery to power through a couple of days will love the Moto G. The 5000mAh battery delivers up to a two-day charge, more than enough to get one through the most demanding day.

The Moto G comes with 256GB of storage, but does have the ability to add an additional 1TB with a microSD card (something that is disappearing on today's phones). Coupled with 6GB of RAM and users will enjoy a smooth performance while streaming content, gaming, or chatting it up with friends and family.

The unlocked Moto G 5G 2022 version is now on sale at an incredible 53% off at just $189.99.

None of those options tickle your fancy? That's OK, here are a bunch more you can peruse for even more great deals during Amazon Prime Day.