Microsoft Rumored To Launch Xbox One Slim At E3, More Powerful Xbox One Coming In 2017

Xbox One rumors are flying around like crazy today, and if the reports are accurate, we have a lot to look forward to from the Xbox hardware division over the next year. The first product supposedly on tap is a new Xbox One Slim, which is due to break cover at this year’s E3.

This console will reportedly be smaller and thinner than the current Xbox One and will include a larger 2TB hard drive. With the exception of the downsized external dimensions and the larger HDD, all of the other key hardware specs are expected to remain largely the same. It’s also being reported that this console will be cheaper than the current Xbox One lineup, which seems debatable given the larger HDD. But we’ll just have to wait until E3 for further confirmation, although Kotaku seems incredibly confident with its sourcing.

Xbox One

The most interesting bit of information is about what’s on deck for 2017. According to Kotaku, Microsoft will release a more powerful version of the Xbox One next year, which will in essence be analogous to the rumored PlayStation Neo. Currently under development using the codename Scorpio, the console will reportedly support the Oculus Rift, include a more potent GPU and will be capable of supporting 4K gaming.

“Instead of one hardware revision every five years or so, as has been the case with previous console cycles, Microsoft plans to move towards an incremental model, with more frequent hardware releases and games that are both forwards and backwards compatible across both Windows 10 and different Xbox models,” writes Kotaku’s Keza MacDonald and Jason Schreier.

Switching gears slightly, there’s a separate report from Petri executive editor Brad Sims via his podcast that suggests that Microsoft will also release two streaming boxes with Xbox branding at E3. The cheaper of the two devices will function similarly to the Google Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick, serving as a handy streaming device for services like Netflix and Hulu. A second, more potent device will be capable of accessing universal apps and games from the Windows Store. It will also be capable of streaming games from the Xbox One.

As for Microsoft, it’s likely simply amused at all the attention being bestowed upon it today: