Purchase A $30 Chromecast By January 2nd, Receive A $20 Google Play Credit

Struggling for ideas for stocking stuffers? With only 10 days until Christmas, it's understandable if you're feeling the stress of the holiday season, though Google's offering to do you a solid if you pick up a second generation Chromecast dongle. If you make your purchase by January 2, 2016, you'll receive a $20 Google Play credit.

The second generation Chromecast dongle normally runs $35, though Google has it marked down to $30 for the moment. You can save another $5 if you buy a two-pack, which Google is selling for $55. However, the $20 Google Play credit is limited to "one offer redemption per Google Payment account."

Google Chromecast

It's still a good deal, but like an infomercial, wait there's more! You also get a free movie rental from Google Play when you purchase a Chromecast. It's a little fuzzy whether you get one or two rentals when purchasing two Chromecast dongles at a discount, but when we added them to our cart, it looked as though it's one.

Nevertheless, this is a pretty sweet promotion. To recap, Google's second generation Chromecast is marked down from $35 to $30, comes with a $20 Google Play credit, and a free movie rental from Google Play to boot. Or purchase two for $55 and receive the same extras. The offer also applies to Chromecast Audio, and yes, you can mix and match a Chromecast and Chromecast Audio for $55.

The biggest advantage Google's second generation Chromecast has over the original is improved Wi-Fi performance. It's been upgraded to 802.11ac and has three antennas that should result in more reliable connections. The dongle also supports a feature called Fast Play, which preloads content in the background to reduce waiting time.