MacBook Update This Year Or Maybe Not?

Apple has been busy updating their hardware to keep up with the latest mobile platform from Intel, dubbed “Santa Rosa”, but there are still two systems that are based on the mobile technology that haven't been updated since the refresh: the MacBook and the Mac Mini.

The Mini may be getting discontinued soon if rumors are true, but its platform mate the MacBook is one of the Cupertino firm's best sellers.

So why hasn't Apple moved the MacBook over to the new platform yet?  Here's a theory:

“Santa Rosa delivers faster processor speeds, up to 2.8GHz, although the MacBook in unlikely to top 2.2GHz to avoid feature parity with the MacBook Pro.”

Interesting. The MacBook Pro is likely to be updated in the first few months of 2008 when Intel starts shipping 45nm mobile chips. Perhaps Apple will only make minor adjustments to the existing product lineup and not jump on the Santa Rosa platform until next year.
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