GoodPower 500W PSU, Antec P180 Super Mid Tower, Apple Video iPod & More!

XClio GoodPower 500 watt PSU @ Xtreme Resources:

"Between the amateur computer user, who will use any power supply unit provided in his pre-assembled system and the hardcore enthusiast who will purchase a power supply unit that costs more than his/her bed, there is another league of users who simply want a strong, good quality power supply unit which will not let them down and keep the system safe while it must not cost an arm and a leg. In the so called 'middle stream' market, there are many companies and many products to choose from. Yet a new product comes into that market from XClio ( Meridian) to grab a piece of the pie, the GoodPower 500W power supply unit. Boasting strong reliability, visual factor, enough power and great value for money, it certainly will draw enough attention if the claims are true. "

Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower @

"BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, etc these are all considered luxury cars. In the computer case industry we have the same luxury products Lian-Li, Cooler Master, Silverstone. Now Antec is not quite up to that point yet. What I consider luxury is something that has quality, and added features that you do not see on other cases. Antec is known for quality, and all the cases we have reviewed were quality. The cases were well made and really had no problems with them, it was just they were lacking the added features. Well today we are going to look at a case that will bring Antec up into the luxury category. So without further ado I present to you the Antec P180 Mid-Tower Case."

ATI Catalyst 5.10 (October 2005) Performance Analysis @ Tweaktown:

"It's that time again! The folks over at the ATI HQ in Canada have just released a new set of Catalyst drivers for users of Radeon graphics cards. In our usual fashion we compare the latest Catalyst 5.10 (October 2005) drivers against the previous release Catalyst 5.9 to see what has changed. If free performance is your thing, read on and find out the latest in our performance analysis!"

Zalman CNPS9500 LED CPU Cooler @ PimpRig:

"As formidable as the CNPS7700 is, it is unfortunately incompatible with many motherboards because of it's huge size. The damn thing 5.35 inches across so if it doesn't cover your memory, it probably will rub up against your video card. The smart guys at Zalman knew they couldn't increase performance by making their heatsinks any bigger, so they stood the fan up on end and added 3 heatpipes to the mix."

Apple Video iPod @

"Speculation after speculation after speculation, we are finally seeing the video iPod from Apple. In addition to introducing the video iPod (which is simply known as the video-enabled iPod, there's no special name for it), Apple also launched a corresponding version of iTunes called iTunes 6, which mainly supports music video and shows. Apple hasn't touched the iPod in any other way except to work on the battery life; it has also added video playback capability and made it thin to maintain a sleek appeal, especially after the Nano release."