Gigabyte Dismisses AM5 CPU Roadmap Leak To A Simple Mistake But Was It Really?

AMD Ryzen
You probably know Gigabyte most as a motherboard vendor, but it has a whole server arm known relatively recently as "Giga Computing." As part of an announcement for new Ryzen-based server systems, Giga Computing put out a press release that includes the following text:

giga computing next gen ryzen leak

It starts out innocently enough; AMD did indeed commit to the AM5 platform until at least 2025, and the next generation of AMD Ryzen processors will almost assuredly be supported on AM5. The problem comes in when the release says that said next-gen processors "will come out later this year." AMD's made no such announcement.

For its part, Gigabyte says that the wording used in the press release was "a mistake", and that the company does not know when "the Ryzen 7000 successor" mentioned in the press release will hit the market. Gigabyte remarked to TechRadar that it would add a comment to the press release to clarify its meaning, but that it would keep its original wording.

It is an exciting idea, for sure. While we don't think AMD will have Zen 5 ready for this year—especially not given the rumors surrounding what Zen 5 will actually be—AMD could have a "Zen 4+" refresh in the works, not unlike the Ryzen 2000 series' "Zen+" architecture or the "Zen 3+" used in Ryzen 6000 mobile. Such a refresh wouldn't include major architectural or design changes, but it might fix notable errata in the Ryzen 7000 series that could allow AMD to raise clock rates or reduce power consumption, both of which would be welcome changes.

amd roadmap CPU desktop
Slide: AMD

AMD's earlier roadmaps didn't indicate a refresh of Zen 4 between the extant chips and the "Granite Ridge" Zen 5 processors, but it's been rumored that AMD was struggling to wedge its way into TSMC's schedule for the 3nm process on which those parts were designed. If it happens that Granite Ridge (not to be confused with Intel's Granite Rapids) is delayed, AMD could throw down a Zen 4 refresh at the end of this year just to tide things over.